Monday, March 2, 2009

fb a blogbuster?

My blog has a been a bust of late.  I'm going to blame fb.  Facebook has it's blogging aspect to it, I think most would agree.  You can blog 140 characters at a time in your Status Update for example.  You can do your photos etc.  

In fact it has just enough blogging to have killed my blog.  But the blog does something more.  It's an unadulterated, verbose, diatribe with any apps, or news feeds.  I'm going to be sure to keep this up.

Not too much to report on the cycling front.  Merco was fun in the p1/2's.  120 miles of fast fun.  Did it in 4 hrs and about 20 min.  Rock Racing won in a bunch sprint.

I hadn't been in a race with a bunch of follow vehicles that would come around us to support the break when it had enough of a gap.  More gratifying was bringing the break back enough that they had to come back off.  I could see Jordi in his CalGiant mobile on the side of the road.  Nice... That was worth the pain right there.

More to come....

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theHICK said...

Very well said.

I love the book but blogging has just got more suave appeal.

C-ya Friday