Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FUI - it's not illegal but not a good idea either.

My fb Status Update on Friday night read: "The Compound says screw Madera".  Not particularly comprehensible, or sensible.  I was at Sean's playing poker and drinking wine along with Mary and Mel. We were saying how happy we were to be there instead of stuck out in some valley hotel doing the stage race.

Some sour grapes, perhaps, cause we do like to race.  But we were a couple of glasses or bottles in by that point and consequently quite confident in our choice.

We got a late start and an even later finish.  We were playing with pennies and bicycle parts.  I'm sure we were scrambling the rules by the end of the night.  I got the worthless plot.  Next time we're playing for money.  And maybe with real chips too.  The booze part should remain the same.

Somehow got out to the HOP ride the next day.  Got a headache out in the crosswind section on N Livermore but it dissipated before the gas station.  Other than that I was OK, and even felt fast.  A nap and some zoning out and I was back in action for the evening.

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Mason said...

OK, I'm waaaay behind on reading Joel blogs but just had to comment on the ancient history bagging on Madera. It rocked this year and we didn't even miss your sorry mutual-admiration society asses! Madera was (finally) a reasonable temperature and the christian-country-mariachi music was divine. Mesozoic pastry in the dumpy valley hotel more than made up for the drive and the singular pleasure of scraping a 1/2 inch of bugs off my bike has kept me motivated to race for WEEKS now. You missed out, my friend.